Shipping Books

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776 Peter R. Brodie
Commercial Shipping Handbook
679 Michael Roe
Commercialisation in Central and East European Shipping (Plymouth Studies in Contemporary Shipping)
645 U.S. Dept of Defense
Commodities purchased by the Defense Logistics Agency (SuDoc D 7.2:C 73/4/997)
636 Bonnie Coblentz
Commodity shipping facing challenges, higher costs.(agricultural commodities, ports closed of Hurricance Katrina): An article from: Mississippi Business Journal
703 Charles R. Shrader
Communist Logistics in the Korean War: (Contributions in Military Studies)
645 George Allan Hughes
Company freight management: Introduction to cost-effective freight transport with guide to the Transport Act
674 K. Takahashi
Comparing CONWIP, synchronized CONWIP, and Kanban in complex supply chains [An article from: International Journal of Production Economics]
643 David Frederick Ross
Competing Through Supply Chain Management (Chapman & Hall Materials Management/Logistics Series)
689 David Frederick Ross
Competing Through Supply Chain Management: Creating Market-Winning Strategies Through Supply Chain Partnerships
637 Antonis Antapassis
Competition and Regulation in Shipping and Shipping Related Industries
735 Annette M. LaMond
Competition in the General Freight Motor-Carrier Industry
654 Enver Y??cesan
Competitive Supply Chains: A Value-Based Management Perspective
641 Mei Miranda Zhang
Competitiveness in United States Grain Exports: Cost-Effective Shipping Patterns in International Rice Marketing (Studies on Industrial Productivity)
776 Blecker; Thorsten; Wolfgang Kersten (eds.)
Compexity Management in Supply Chains: Concepts, Tools and Methods
647 Thomas A. Cook
Compliance in Today's Global Supply Chain
689 Timm Gudehus
Comprehensive Logistics
708 Robert A. Cheney
Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support
Computer applications in the automation of shipyard operation and ship design: Proceedings of the IFIP/IFAC/JSNA joint conference, Tokyo, Japan, August ... applications in shipping and shipbuilding)
683 C. F. Chung
Computer program for the logistic model to estimate the probability of occurrence of discrete events (Paper / Geological Survey)
649 Roy L. Neresesian
Computer Simulation in Logistics: With Visual Basic Application
680 Keith Taylor
Computer Systems in Logistics and Distribution: A Practical Guide for Management
831 Mark A. Taylor
Computerized Shipping Systems : Increasing Profit and Productivity Through Technology
735 Mark A. Taylor
Computerized Shipping Systems: Increasing Profit & Productivity Through Technology (New Millennium Edition)
644 Ignacy Henryk Chrzanowski
Concentration and Centralisation of Capital in Shipping (Saxon House studies)
723 Joseph Marryat
Concessions To America The Bane Of Britain: Or The Cause Of The Present Distressed Situation Of The British Colonial And Shipping Interests Explained (1807)
1,187 George Shumway
Conestoga wagon, 1750-1850;: Freight carrier for 100 years of America's westward expansion,
789 Kevin Smith
Conflict over Convoys: Anglo-American Logistics Diplomacy in the Second World War
674 Sameer Kumar
Connective Technologies in the Supply Chain (Supply Chain Integration Modeling, Optimization and Application)
1,130 Ted Hutchin
Constraint Management in Manufacturing: Optimising the Supply Chain
717 James T. Bartis
Constraints on JP-900 Jet Fuel Production Concepts