Shipping Books

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1,058 Rolf G. Poluha
Application of the SCOR Model in Supply Chain Management
1,058 Books LLC
Shipping Companies of South Korea: Hanjin Shipping, Hyundai Logistics, Daehan Logistics, Koryeo Golden Box, Aju Logistics, Kumho Express
1,057 Keith Oliver
Beyond Utopia: The Realist's Guide to Internet-Enabled Supply Chain Management
1,057 Tony Nightingale
The Pacific Forum Line: A commitment to regional shipping
1,056 William P. Haiber
Civil War Logistics Fact Book
1,055 Norman M. Sadeh
Advances in B2B e-Commerce and e-Supply Chain Management: A Special Double Issue of the Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce (Journal ... Computing & Electronic Commerce)
1,055 IBM Redbooks
Using Bpel Processes in Websphere Business Integration Server Foundation Business Process Integration And Supply Chain Solutions (IBM Redbooks)
1,055 Robin Craig
British Tramp Shipping, 1750-1914 (Research in Maritime History,)
1,054 Faulkner Information Services
Face-Off: Supply Chain Management Software
1,053 Jerry Nelson
1,052 Chris Harris
Lean Supplier Development: Establishing Partnerships and True Costs Throughout the Supply Chain
1,051 Charles Dana Gibson
Assault and Logistics: Union Army Coastal and River Operations 1861-1866 (Army's Navy Series, Vol 2)
1,051 Jack Polaritz
P&LE's Mikados (Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad modern era steam freight locomotives)
1,050 Laura H. Baldwin
Contingency contracting: analyzing support to Air Force missions in Iraqi freedom.: An article from: Air Force Journal of Logistics
1,048 Peter Synan
Highways of water: How shipping on the lakes shaped Gippsland
1,047 Peter S. Smith
Air Freight: Operations, Economics and Marketing
1,047 A. Davies
A Management Guide to Logistics Engineering (Manufacturing Series)
1,047 Mary K. Allen
Putting Expert Systems to Work in Logistics
1,046 Joseph Geunes
Applications of Supply Chain Management and E-Commerce Research (Applied Optimization)
1,045 Matthias Hackl
Analyse und Bewertung von Supply Chains: Erl?
1,044 M. Pineiro
Implementing Programmes to Improve Safety and Quality in Fruit and Vegetables Supply Chains: Benefits and Drawbacks, Latin America Case Studies
1,043 Kai Romhardt
Supply Chain Champions.
1,043 Christopher Holmes
Attitudes and Trends Toward the Greening of the Automotive Supply Chain in the Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Region, 2008
1,042 Jack Wolverton
Freight sales: My way : theory and practice
1,040 W. C. Harbison
Bees and Bee-Keeping: a Plain, Practical Work: Resulting From Years of Experience and Close Observation in Extensive Apiaries, Both in Pennsylvania and ... and for Shipping Bees to California [ 1860 ]
1,039 George C. Thorpe
Pure Logistics: The Science of War Preparation
1,039 Roland J. Yardley
Engineering Training: How Simulators Can Help
1,039 Reginald G. (Reginald Godfrey) Marsden
A Treatise on the Law of Collisions at Sea: With an Appendix, Containing Extracts From the Merchant Shipping Acts, the International Regulations (of 1863 ... the Thames, the Mersey, and Elsewhere (1880)
1,038 Steven Heeringa
Applied Survey Data Analysis (Chapman & Hall/CRC Statistics in the Social and Behavioral Scie)
1,038 Richard Burke
Barbary Freight