Shipping Books

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568 John Gattorna
Strategic Supply Chain Alignment: Best Practice in Supply Chain Management
569 Thomas A. Cook
Managing Global Supply Chains: Compliance, Security, and Dealing with Terrorism
569 Closs, Cooper Bowersox
Marketing Supply Chain Management MKT 300
Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on Antarctic Logistics and Operations: San Carlos de Bariloche, Republica Argentina, 8 to 10 June, 1992
569 Christopher S. Tang
Supply Chain Analysis: A Handbook on the Interaction of Information, System and Optimization (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science)
569 Burkhardt Funk
569 James A. Huston
One for All: NATO Strategy and Logistics Through the Formative Period, (1949-1969)
569 Icon Group International
The 2009-2014 Outlook for Multi-Wall Shipping Sacks and Bags with at Least Three Plies Excluding Textile Bags in Japan
569 James William Martin
Operational Excellence: Using Lean Six Sigma to Translate Customer Value through Global Supply Chains (Series on Resource Management)
569 Icon Group
The 2009 Import and Export Market for Railway or Tramway Vans, Wagons, and Freight Cars for the Transport of Goods Excluding Self-Propelled in Africa
569 T.M.R. Ellis
Programming Research and Operations Logistics: Advances in CAD/CAM 5th: International Conference Proceedings
569 Shaun C. Connors
Jane's Military Vehicles & Logistics 2004-2005 (Jane's Military Vehicles and Logistics)
569 David J. Bloomberg
The Role of Shippers and Transport Operators in the Logistics Chain (Round Table on Transport Economics//Report)
569 David Syrett
Shipping and Military Power in the Seven Years War: The Sails of Victory (University of Exeter Press - Exeter Maritime Studies)
569 Wijnand Van Plaggenhoef
Inegration And Self Regulation Of Quality Management In Dutch Agri-Food Supply Chains: A Cross-chain Analysis of the Poultry Meat, the Fruit and Vegetable and the Flower and Potted Plant Chains
569 Eric W. Sager
Maritime Capital: The Shipping Industry in Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914
569 Robert J. Trent
Strategic Supply Management: Creating the Next Source of Competitive Advantage
569 M. J. Carrillo
Development of Logistics Management Models for the Space Transportation System (Rand Corporation//Rand Report)
569 Elvira N. Loredo
Programmed Depot Maintenance Capacity Assessment Tool: Workloads, Capacity, and Availability
569 Icon Group International
The 2009-2014 Outlook for Burial Boxes and Vaults, Casket Shells, Casket Shipping Cases and Containers, and Children's Caskets and Coffins Excluding Concrete ... Burial Boxes and Vaults in Greater China
569 C. F. H. Van Rijn
Logistics: Where Ends Have to Meet : Proceedings of the Shell Conference on Logistics, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, 2-3 November, 1988
569 W. W. Jacobs
Light Freights
569 P. Wayt
International Supply Chain Management: Study Guide
569 John Broughton Daish
The Atlantic Port Differentials: Documents Pertaining to the Adjustment of Freight Rates Between the West & the North Atlantic Ports (1918)
569 Julien E. Soule
Telegraphy: Railroading, Express And Freight
569 Mahyar A. Amouzegar
Sense and respond combat support: command and control based approach.: An article from: Air Force Journal of Logistics
569 Jack W. Plunkett
Plunkett's Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Almanac 2006: The Only Comprehensive Guide to the Business of Transportation, Supply Chain, and Logistics
569 Sameer Kumar
Managing Product Life Cycle in a Supply Chain Context: A Prescription Based on Empirical Research
569 Icon Group International
The 2009 Report on Corrugated Shipping Containers for Glass, Clay, and Stone Products: World Market Segmentation by City