Shipping Books

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772 Shaun C. Connors
Jane's Military Vehicles and Logistics 2010-2011
772 Burkhardt Funk
772 Raj Raman
Options for Initial Fuelling: The United Kingdom's Nuclear Submarine Industrial Base (Vol. 3)
773 James B. Ayers
Handbook of Supply Chain Management, Second Edition (Resource Management)
773 Robert B. Handfield
Supply Chain Redesign: Transforming Supply Chains into Integrated Value Systems (paperback)
773 David A. Collier
OM 2009-2010 Edition (with Review Cards and Student Website Printed Access Card)
773 Russell W. Glenn
People Make the City, Executive Summary: Joint Urban Operations Observations and Insights from Afghanistan and Iraq
773 Teresa Wu
Managing Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability: Tools and Methods for Supply Chain Decision Makers
773 Jing-Sheng Song
Supply Chain Structures: Coordination, Information and Optimization
773 Derek L. Waller
Operations Management: A Supply Chain Approach
773 Charles C Poirier
E-Supply Chain: Using the Internet to Revolutionize Your Business - How Market Leaders Focus Their Entire Organization on Driving Value to Customers
773 William Wallace Bates
Our Early Shipping Policy and the Cause of Its Success
774 Michael Pearson
Coming Up with the Goods: Journeys Through Britain by Freight Train
774 Tonya Boone Ph.D.
New Directions in Supply-Chain Management: Technology, Strategy, and Implementation
774 n/a
Supply Chain Strategy Bus 445 (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh)
774 John Orville Greenwood
Namesakes of the 80's: The Factual Story With Photographs of Currently Existing Commercial Freight, Passenger and Carferry Vessels in the Great Lake (The Eighth book in the Namesakes series)
774 Anurag Saxena
Logistics and Supply-chain Management
774 Ben Boyd
Getting it there: A logistics handbook for relief and development
774 Michael Roe
Strategic Management in the Maritime Sector: A Case Study of Poland and Germany (Plymouth Studies in Contemporary Shipping and Logistics)
774 Erick C. Jones
RFID and Auto-ID in Planning and Logistics: A Practical Guide for Military UID Applications
774 John W. Langford
Logistics: Principles and Applications, Special Reprint Edition
774 James William Martin
Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management
774 Books LLC
Shipping: Ship Transport, Shipping, Barge, Law of Salvage, Cargo, Ship Pollution, International Ice Patrol, Fourth-Party Logistics
774 Mandyam M. Srinivasan
Streamlined: 14 Principles for Building & Managing the Lean Supply Chain
774 RAND
POLSSS-Policy of Sea Shipping Safety: Executive Summary (Rand Mr Series)
774 Carol E. Fan
The Effects of Equipment Age on Spare Parts Costs: A Study M1 Tanks
774 Jill Herbers
Prefab Modern
774 Rob Smith
Global Supply Chain Performance and Risk Optimization
775 Peter N. Davies
Japanese Shipping and Shipbuilding in the Twentieth-Century: The Writings of Peter N. Davies
775 Edward W. Smykay
Physical Distribution Management: Logistics Problems of the Firm