Safmarine Service Pakistan

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Address: Safmarine Service Pakistan
Beach Hotal Karachi Pakistan, 34 a/2, 2ndFloor Kamran House Beach Hotal Road, 75520, Karachi, Pakistan

9221 3432857138
Fax: 9221 345 3226896
Email: Contact Us
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Ship supplier

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24hours Service Good Discount Good Quotation Cash on Board & Credit . 24 hours Services Available Dear Sir,Subject: Ship Chandlers , Ship Repair s Liferaft Service Safety Equipment &General Order Sludge Remove / Garbage Remove / General Scrap Purchase / Deals in Chipping , Paiting , Cleaning , Maintenance. Suppliers Food AndDrink General Provisions ,Engine Room Cleaning, Supplies Ropes Oils, Chemical Products,Protective Clothing Safety Equipment Admiralty Charts Marine And Common Paints,Electric Motor repair ,Spare Parts For Marine Engines, Compressors, Pumps,Etc. Gyro compass ,Radder New & Used Supply ,Metal Products- Steel Ropes.Anchor Chains ,Fire And Emergency Equipment .Working Clothes, Shoes, PersonalMeans Of Protection , Electrodes And Other Items For Welding ,Different ToolsCotton Rags Of Different Types From A Manufacturer ,Skipper's Equipment,Computer Repairs ,Flags Low VoltageElectrical Goods (Relays, Lamp Holders, Sockets, Switches, Etc.) LightEquipment (Lamps, Flashlights, Marine Reinforced Bulbs Of Different Voltage),Measuring Devices ,Radio Equipment ,Marine And Common Cables ,NavigationEquipment ,Accumulators, Elements, Batteries ,Transformers Electric Engines AndSelsyns . Your faithfully BESTREGARD BABAR (General Manager)